Monday, April 28, 2008

Life Partner???

Addison:Look my partner so pretty!!!
June: Shhhh....Keep it secret.Just keep smiling.
Andrew: Quick hide your face.Nanti camera melt.
Doreen: Apa melt.You so hot blame me pula.Austin: What you looking at??This my partner cannot ar???

Chia Ching:Oi, Daniel how to play this song ar.Faster teach me I wanna 'kau loi'.

Chia Ching:Aiyo,why she don't want me???My song not nice enough ar??I so mEcho not good enough???

Couples of the Year!!!


My mentoring group
(Chia Ching,KoKoBert,SheepZ)

The first part of my Ohana in JS.These 2 people were the ones I spend most of my time with in JS.Will never forget all the once-in-a-while free suppers.

My 'extended' mentoring group(half-brothers)
(Chia Ching,Daniel,Yuen Feung,SheepZ,Andrew,Enoch)
My all-black half brothers.My second part of JS.The people I spend most of my time sleeping together(plus some other guys).Haha.Will never forget all the morning QT we had together.
The Mentors(Yuen Feung missing)
(KoKoBert,ACQ,Shu Yi,Austin)

The people who made everything possible.Will never forget all the things you have done for me.


ola...Gud morning my fellow people who reads my blog.I woke up this morning and even though it was late, I felt happy.Don't really know why.Maybe cause I can wake up and stare at the com the whole day again today or whatelse,I don't know.But its still sad not to be able to wake up to noises of people going to bathe,to wake up and see my other friends reading their own Bible,patiently doing their QT,seeing William still asleep and happy that I'm not the last person.Now everyday here is totally different.I wake up and see four walls staring back at me,I'll be the last person to wake up and mealtimes have never been so quiet.The days after JS were so peaceful i can't imagine that peace ever existed.haha.But anyway,what am I doing after so long still talking bout JS.Just a question for you guys :- Where does a sheep go to get its haircut???

Thou art...

When I be thirst,
Like a deer that panteth,
So shalt my soul,
Be longing for Thee.

Thou alone,
My Strength and Shield be,
Thou alone,
Shalt my Spirit yield.
Thou alone,
Be my Hearts desire,
Thou alone,
Shalt I worship.

Thou be my Brother,
Thou be my Friend,
Thou be my Father,
When thoust be should King.

Thoust died for me sins,
Saveth me from real death,
Thoust shed tears for me,
When thy Son dieth.

Thou be more loving,
Thou be more forgiving,
My Lord Thy be,
My rock my feet standeth.


Haha.Finally can use a com and I stare at it the whole day.Haha.So long I never use.Its been so long since I can finally sit down and stare at a computer screen all day long and not be bothered by anything happening in the world around me.Haha.School is gonna start soon,in bout another 2,3 weeks I think.So fast.Why time fly so fast ar.Can anybody answer for me anot.Don't gimme any nonsense crap I already know ya.Hehe.But you know 1 thing I learnt today.It doesn't matter how time flies fast or how slow it travles,its what you do with the time that you have.A minute lost is a minute in your whole life that you'll never ever get back.You can buy stuff with money,heck you can even buy love and friendship and what not,but time and tide waits for no man or woman.Its kinda like your salvation.Its harder for a rich dude to get into heaven compared to a camel,elephant or whale to get through the eye of a needle.Think bout it for a second.Sure it might be a second lost for some but it could mean an eternal life gainned for others.God bless you people!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Oh ya, I forgot to tell you guys.I've now got a temporary laptop I can use and whats best is,its brand new.But its my dad's so once in a while i can use and update blog and other stuff.So hopefully the com doesn't crash again or something,if not cham lo.Eh,Wen Dee ar..I just saw your old blog and u got tag me but then how I open the tag or whatever ar???I noob la.So don't know.haha.

So fast,So sad... fast time flies and my weekend in KL is sad la.but at least get to meet up with my dudes and dudettes time u guys must come to penang ya.i'l be waiting patiently.i arrived back home safely yesterday at bout 7.30 hungry you know.i went home straight go boring and tired in the bus.walk the whole day in midvalley and times.waa..leg can break lo.but who cares as long as i get to meet up wif my JS buddies and lepak with them.Ooosstt!!ohya..this thursday,Labour day, my church having an outing to Taiping Zoo.So if any of you going up to Perak then come la.we meet again.haha.Baa!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Fun in KL!!!!

Waa...You guys wanna know whats it like before a shopping mall opens ar.I can personnally tell you.I was left in Times Square since 8.30 a.m coz hon gotta go go there ar can still see the workers sweeping and mopping the floors.haha.felt so weird.everyone is like got work to do and I'm the only guy just sitting round and doing nothing watching them work.haha.Then after that bout noon lidat Wen Dee came n 'teman' me walk around the mall.Spended the whole day walking and visitting Borders.haha.Then after that go to the Help gathering for makan.Also celebrate Julian's birthday.So fun to be with the JS guys again.haha.Gonna be sleeping in hons house together with Wormz and Wei Liam.haha.3 clock still not yet sleep.haha.instead I write this blog.haha.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Haiz....So long I never write blog de now i dunno wad to write.hehe.Feel so ketinggalan.hmmm...wanna start from where ar...ok la.will start with today.Today i'm in Hon's house lo.Staying over till da help thingy.Come to kacau him.Tomorrow is Wen Dee's turn so u jaga-jaga la.Dun say i din warn you.hoho.what else wanna say ar...dunno la.hehe.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thanks guys!!!

Sorry guys for not updating my blog for so long.I couldn't online at all cause my com's harddrive got busted.Couldn't on my com now that I've got a temporary working com I might be able to update once in a while.Firstly, I wanna thank all you guys for supporting me and encouraging me.Especially those that came to visit me on what I would call the most trying time I have ever been through.I was really touched seeing you guys coming all the way from as far as Seremban and as near as Alor Setar or Setiawan(not really sure which 1 is nearer).Well,since you guys must have missed reading new posts from a dude who calls himself Baa!! I'm gonna give ya'l a long long 1.Hehe.Actually what I really wanna say here is You don't really appreciate anything until you have lost it completely.I'm sure you guys know what I mean but for the first time in my life the reality of losing something or someone forever hit me so hard I didn't have time to think about what I just lost.It happened so fast and sudden it'l shock you and change you for life.I feel like I'm giving a lecture.Hehe.Anyways you guys know what I mean.So go out tommorow,later or whenever and give a really big hug to all the people you consider as your friends and loved ones.Hopefully my next update will be soon and less emo.Cheers!!!