Saturday, January 3, 2009

JS people!!!! part 1

Its that time of the year again where you look in the mirror and say "Hey,isn't today special?"And it really is some.Today marks the 1st anniversary of my Jeremiah School.Even though we maybe last years JS but we will always be this year's friends!!!And so,in remembrance of our time together I shall do my best to say something bout each and everyone of you.Here goes...(Its gonna be 1 heck of a long post)

To some you may be just a guy,
Plain and simple nothing special,
But to us a teacher,
A mentor and leader.
You will always be our principal,
Stern and strict but always caring,
Your love for us never ending,
And so JS will be ever-lasting.
The single and handsome,
Surely available,
With a smile and your words,
You share your widsom and knowledge.
Shu Yi
Words will never say,
What a friend you truly are,
Always ready to give a hand,
And almost leg to a dog!!
What a guy!!
Squirming and wriggling,
Loud and funny,
My brother always be.
Cute and funny,
You'll always be,
Always around and never a square,
Creating joy here and everywhere.
Wen Dee
My sister in crime,
For being lame,
Mad and crazy,
But always sane.