Monday, August 31, 2009

The Dirt Says Hot, The Label Says NINETEEN!!! ( for those of you who don't know my age)

Oh no, its here again,
The aging of my brain.
The time when people pat my back,
And I hope that I'm not cracked.

The time when my feet starts to tingle,
And my face grows another wrinkle.
And everyday I check my hair,
And start to pray that its still there.

Or when I look at the mirror,
And pray I don't see another horror.
Of the huge, red, bulging pimple,
Thats just right above my lovely dimple.

But by and by of everyday,
What can I do, What can I say.
Just hope that age doesn't get in the way,
Just wishing myself...


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Savour the Flavour of Shaun

Go to: your name in, and generate slogan after each question.

1. What do you say to yourself every morning?
Today's Shaun, since 1903.

2. What do you want other people to say about you?
Drink a pint of Shaun a day.

3. Someone asked you out, your answer is...
Every kiss begins with a Shaun.

4. How would you introduce yourself to someone you really like?
8 out of 10 owners who expressed a preference said their cats preferred Shaun.

5. To someone you dislike?
There's only one Shaun.

6. You're in a conversation and you suddenly feel the need to pee, how would you excuse yourself?
The too good to hurry Shaun.

7. Your parents ask you why you got home late, you say...
Is Shaun in you??

8. You're failing a subject, you say...
Fall into the Shaun.

9. The love of your life asks you to marry him/her, what do you say?
Your never alone with a Shaun.

10. Your bf/gf is breaking up with you, you tell him/her...
Do the Shaun.

11. What are the best words to describe you?
You deserve a Shaun today.

12. If you're going to have a movie about your life, the title is...
Great Shaun. Great times.

13. Your last words before you die...
Only Shaun has the answer.

14. Your message to a special someone..
Shaun : The other White meat.

15. Title of this post will be...
Savour the Flavour of Shaun

I tag: Just go and do it and have a great laugh. Haha.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Today was unlike any other day,
It was as if the clouds just parted away,
Revealing the warmth of our glorius sun,
Making my day bright and full of fun.

Today was just like everyday,
Maybe its special but what more could I say,
Its dull and glum, All boring and grey,
I wonder what could make it gay.

Today could not be like yesterday,
As it is clearly a different day,
A reset button on yesterday,
A new set of numbers, 24 hours a day.

Today might be like the next day,
Full of mysteries and people we can say hey,
What would it be like if the world ended today,
It could be today, tomorrow or even yesterday.

Today was made especially,
By God Almighty for you and me,
So best foot forward no grumpy ol' face,
And spread the joy and loving grace.

Friday, July 31, 2009

6AC!!! the best in the world!!!



LET'S COUNT!!!(0,1,2,3,4,5)
THE MCA ( and most noisiest) GROUP


one guess where am I

Thursday, June 25, 2009


YO!!! For all you JS people that haven't read your mails GO DO IT NOW!!! TOP PRIORITY!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Parent's Day!!!

A is for the answers,
You always seem to have,
B is for the blessings,
You showered over me.
C is for care,
From the day I was born,
D is for the dreams,
That seems to fill my head.
E is for efficiency,
You worked day and night,
F is for the fears,
That you took away from me.
G is for girl,
The first in my life,
H is for the hugs and kisses,
Whenever I cried.
There is no I,
For you were selfless,
J is for jewel,
The apple of my eye.
K is for kindness,
You seem to have each day,
L is for love,
Never failing never ending.
M is for Mummy!!!
The one and only,
N is for nursing,
All my hurts and wounds.
O is for number 1,
The best in the world,
P is for patience,
An enduring trait.
Q is for you,
The queen of my heart,
R is for rest,
That I've found in you.
S is for me!!!
The third in the family,
T is for Teacher,
My favourite one.
U is for universe,
You were my world,
V is for very,
Very,very special.
W is for wonderful,
The original wonder-woman,
X is for my mistakes,
Hurtful and painful.
Y is yummy,
The food on the table,
And Z is for zillion,
The pardons I was given.
Now I know my A,B,C's
Which Mummy Dearest thought to me.
P.S: I know its a 'little' late for mother's day but what the heck, I think Everyday Should be Mother'S Day!!!
So Lets give a great big shout
P.S.S: Words on the poem can be changed for Father's Day as well. Just use your brains. Haha.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Haha. I guess the only way to make me update my blog is to tag the Sheep eh.Haha.Aight..Here goes:

Zapped by Miss Kuantan and Windy Dee:

1. Who are you?
Definitely not a spy-wer.
2. Are we friends?
Nope. Not friends but almost kinda sorta family!!
3. When and how did we meet?
YLDP and JS'08( the best ever!!!)
4. Did you like me at all?
5. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
Lovely lady Miss Kuantan (da name explains it all).
6. Describe me in one word.
Loo-vely. Elec-twick.
7. What was your first impression?
How arm I soup-posed to pwo-nounce your name anyway???
8. Do you still think that way about me now?
Yes and No
9. What reminds you of me.
Food and Peter Pan!!!
10. If you could give me anything what would it be?
A lame joke.
11. How well do you know me?
You answer it first.
12. When's the last time you saw me?
10 months ago??
13. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
Is nothing something??
14. Are you going to post this in your notes and see what I say about you?
Post what in where??
15. What is my best attribute?
I ZIP...
1. BOSS...Hugo
2. Hawt..HON
3. Mis-Press...Denise
4. Joanne
5.Un Penan-g gal..Carol Lee