Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Parent's Day!!!

A is for the answers,
You always seem to have,
B is for the blessings,
You showered over me.
C is for care,
From the day I was born,
D is for the dreams,
That seems to fill my head.
E is for efficiency,
You worked day and night,
F is for the fears,
That you took away from me.
G is for girl,
The first in my life,
H is for the hugs and kisses,
Whenever I cried.
There is no I,
For you were selfless,
J is for jewel,
The apple of my eye.
K is for kindness,
You seem to have each day,
L is for love,
Never failing never ending.
M is for Mummy!!!
The one and only,
N is for nursing,
All my hurts and wounds.
O is for number 1,
The best in the world,
P is for patience,
An enduring trait.
Q is for you,
The queen of my heart,
R is for rest,
That I've found in you.
S is for me!!!
The third in the family,
T is for Teacher,
My favourite one.
U is for universe,
You were my world,
V is for very,
Very,very special.
W is for wonderful,
The original wonder-woman,
X is for my mistakes,
Hurtful and painful.
Y is yummy,
The food on the table,
And Z is for zillion,
The pardons I was given.
Now I know my A,B,C's
Which Mummy Dearest thought to me.
P.S: I know its a 'little' late for mother's day but what the heck, I think Everyday Should be Mother'S Day!!!
So Lets give a great big shout
P.S.S: Words on the poem can be changed for Father's Day as well. Just use your brains. Haha.


Wendee said...

kajdjd aeus fjcjs nnfks aeeudj jastmv!!

translation: it is a very nice poem!!

SheepZ said...


hcoaocho:haha.thx lots.jz kinda came to me as i thought of it.din require much work.haha.