Thursday, June 26, 2008


Hey guys!!! Hows everyone out there??? So long never hear any news from you guys. Lately my church had a concert from a very hebat group of Korean singers. They really really hebat. Saw them doing cool solos. Make me really wish I could do some of that. But anyways, I learnt lots from them that night. I'd really encourage ya'll to go if their coming to your church. Their going round Malaysia currently. So hopefully their coming your way. Anyways, have many a great days ahead of you and happy Form 6ing for those that are there and Happy College days for the rest and Happy University days for the 4 of you. Cheerio!!! Just a greeting from a lame sheep, that is so lame, his not lame anymore.OOOSSTT!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Never knew there would come a day when I had to be involved in 1 myself.Just the shock itself is enough to open your eyes to reality.Now I understand and know what did those people meant when they said they saw their whole life flash before their eyes.Its a feeling of shock,fear and adrenaline rush alltogether.Never will I ever want to feel this wave of emotions again.

"Some people go through life without making accidents happen,
Some go through life making small ones along the way,
Just did a BIG one that would last me a lifetime"....I hope.