Friday, July 18, 2008

Prayer for a Friend

Hey guys,ever had the feeling that you know you should do or say something but you cant seem to figure out what it is or have the guts to say it or wether what you say is appropriate???Well,just recently I found out that my friend's having some serious probs but I just could'nt find the words to say....What should I do???Keep quite like nothing happen???Do nothing like its not my prob???

NO!!!I will make sure that friend pulls through whatever may be the problem!!!!!


Well guys,since I'm back home in Penang,with nothing much to do and all that except school home work,the church musical chariperson has asked me to play the guitar but...I've been so out of practice that I'm scared to play actually.Fingers are all soft now and my chords dictionary is still quite empty.But what to do,its this Sunday and I've gotta do it no matter what.Cant keep postponing it.Pray for me ya.Thx guys.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feels so good to be back!!!

Hey guys,sorry for being offline so long.Just wanna say its great to be back though I don't know for how long.Sadly,my car is still in the hospital after the unlucky 'battle with the Transformers' much longer do I have to wait???Anyway,just read in todays newspaper that kind off struck me hard.Made me realise why I,no we,have to go through tough times no matter how tough it may be.
"Sometimes God breaks us so that we will humble ourselves,
and remember who we really are"
So my friends out there,do not be too boastful if you can help it and remember that He is our Lord.Cheers!!!