Thursday, May 8, 2008

Form Sick???

3 days and counting....That will be like 72 hours...Don't bother to count the minutes...Number too big.Anyways these are the amount of time that I can enjoy freedom until I'm bound by studies.Yes...I'm gonna go back to school on Monday.Now I know why they call it Monday Blues...Time sure flies fast.One day your jumping out of the exam hall.The next your celebrating Christmas with your Family and Friends.Then your off to Port Dickson for Jeremiah School.Two months later you back at home waiting for results.Then your sitting down in front off the computer and writing this blog and the next thing you know is your off to school once again in about another 3 days.So fast..but not furious.Haha.But who knows after this long the school might be furious.Anyways,I guess its time to start the engine in my head,on the headlights that are my eyes,flick on the signal lights which are my hands,step on the accelerator that is my nerves,put some fuel which is food,move the tires that are my feet and off to school I go.Maybe I should also put some oil in my brain to help it start.Hehe.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Food.Glorious food!!!

You guys know what it feels like to wanna eat and not wanna eat at the same time???I can tell you honestly that the feeling is terrible.Its like the worst feeling of hunger and pain mixed together.Don't know what I'm talking about you say.I'm a lil bit cuckoo you say.Then,let me give you a scenario....

Imagine your walking around the house looking for something to do coz your so bored.Suddenly,you hear a low rumbling,growling sound coming from somewhere.You look around,but your the only person in the house.Then you hear it again.A deep,low rumbling,growling sound.You realize that its just your stomach and your just hungry coz you didn't eat a proper breakfast.So,you proceed to the fridge to look for something to eat.Finding nothing you go towards the table where the snacks are usually put.You found something you like and take it.You pull out the snack,stuffs it into your mouth and suddenly a burst of pain erupts.Then you struggle to chew and in the end you just swallow the thing whole.

Now do you know what I mean.These few days have been like my hungriest days in the entire history of hungriest days.Haha.Its terrible trying to survive between two pains.If you don't eat,your stomach aches and aches and aches and finally you get gastric and thats even worse.If you eat,your tooth cries out in pain and prevents you from eating.Haiz...Its like a food fight inside of you.One side says EAT!!!EAT!!!EAT!!! Another says NO!!!NO!!!NO!!!

So the question is....Who wins????

Monday, May 5, 2008


Yesterday I woke up,brush my teeth and did the morning chores.Then I quietl sat down in front of the computer and took a bite off a prune.Suddenly, ouch....A sudden wave of pain erupted from my tooth.Oh no, somethings wrong with my tooth.My beloved tooth.My strong teeth in which i use to bite and chew.My beloved and precious teeth that helps me do my favourite thing...EAT!!!Oh no!!!!In the end,I had to go to the dentist.Surprisingly,unlike in school,each trip to the dentist brought feelings of nervousness and fear but this time it felt different.It just felt like any other ordinary trip to the doctors.Just that you ain' sick.Your tooth is.And so I waited till my name was called.With confidence I stepped in to see the doctor.Unfortunately, for me n my tooth,the doctor had to perform a minor surgery on me tooth.She took out my tooth's nerve which causes me to never ever feel anymore pain.So now,my tooth is feeling abit weird and so am I.Having some difficulty eating.Haiz...But what to do.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

You'll never walk alone!!!

Does the title sound familiar???That's because its the solgan,theme or wadeva you wanna call it for Liverpool.In fact its not only a slogan or wadeva its a great truth.You wanna know what's the truth???First let me begin with a story...

There was once an old lady.She lived alone in a house.Nobody was there except her and the four walls of the house.None of her neighbours wanted anything to do with her and so did her family.But one day as she was going to church, a church member asked her a simple question...

"Don't you feel lonely at home?"
"No,I don't"the old lady replied.
"Why not?Aren't you the only one in the whole house?"
"No,I'm not.There are actually another three people in my house."

The church member thought her 'screw' might be loose.You would too if you knew that the entire household was really just the old lady alone that lived there.But to play along the church member asked,"Who then lives with you?"
"Oh,you don't know?He's actually everywhere and anywhere.He is Jesus."
"Jesus?But He's only one.You said there were three peolple."
"Oh,have you forgotten.Jesus,God and the Holy Spirit are 3 in 1.So all of them are there.God the Father,Jesus the Son and the Holy spirit.I'm never alone."

The moral of the story is:YOU'LL NEVER EVER WALK ALONE!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

How bout the future???

Haha.Figure out the answer yet???The place where a sheep gets its haircut is.......A Baa-ber shop!!!Now you know.Anyway,my church had organised an outing to Taiping on Thursday and we had fun.First we went to the Charcoal Factory and saw how charcoal is produced.But sadly Malaysians only use charcoal to cook food but,we export them to Japan and thier using charcoal to make lotion,shoe polish and whatnots.Haiz...Why la Malaysia like this.Then we went to visit the Forest Mangrove Reserve just opposite the factory.It was really boring.All you see were trees and trees and more trees.But luckily I had my Biology to keep me company and I sorta became a tour guide for my other friends.Haha.Then we went to lunch in Taiping Wesley and after that we went to the zoo.Its very sad you know to see those animals trapped in those small cages but thats not the worst part.The cages were unkept and dirty.There wasn't even enough water to support the numerous animals in a cage.I had already been there twice before but the conditions were okay back then,but now,bad to worst.Which got me thinking,if in the wild the animals are hunted and in the zoo these animals are poorly taken care off then,whats the difference between being out there and in here.At least out there they can enjoy the freedom they deserve.I ain't want my kids to come up and tell me,"Dad,you and your generation screwed up the environment and now I can't even see my favourite alive anymore except in books."Do we really want that???I don't really know what we can really do to save Momma Nature but,we can start learning now and start doing it now.