Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Its the new year already...So fast..Time sure flies.It almost feels like yesterday I was just getting ready to leave my home for Jeremiah School and now we are last years JS,not this years JS anymore.But nonetheless,its 2009 already,time to let go of the past that is 2008 and live for the future which is 2009.Keep moving forward!!!!Let's kickstart the year by making or renewing our commitment to God,family,friends and ourselves and not make resolutions that we cant keep or remember to keep.So,put your best foot forward and KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


What would 2008 be without my Js people who gave more then friendship to me.Guys...Just wanna thank you for always being there for me always.Don't stop laming and Ooosstt!!!-ing for God!!!
A footprint in the sand,
Our friendship will never end.
Forever it will last,
Many minds it will blast.
Like flowers it will bloom,
And take away our gloom.

For all of us are God's creation,
Perfect and simple,a wonderful addition.

As sure as the sun will rise,
I'll cherish you guys all of my life.

For through it all we live and we learn,
Against all odds a friend I've earned.

What else could it be,
But God's love for you and me.

That brought us together,
To be a family.


Sweet Sweet Memories....

Meet the Kids!!!!

Cute aren't they!!!
Look!!! I got a feather!!!

And the gal you guys have been dying to know bout....


Mel's kampung boy!!!....and also my best friend!!!

Rockstar in the making!!!

It's a tough battle but....

I WON!!!!

Rescue the beauty.....again

Who wanna jump???

I'll do it!!!

Claypot Kijang Rice!!!

Look at me!!!I'm Penan!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Smellzzz yer laterzzzz!!!!!

Woohoo!!!Off to college camp and to catch a few of me old pals.Try not to miss me too much.Haha.Baa!!!Ooosstt!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Yo ho! Yo ho!
A Penan's life for me.
We travel the river by boat alot,
No worries me love,yo ho.
We hunt for our food,
And walk with our feet,
No worries me love,yo ho.

Yo ho! Yo ho!
A Penan's life for me.
We play when we want
And do what we need,
No worries me love,yo ho.
Our noons are so hot,
And our nights are so cool,
No worries me love,yo ho.

Yo ho! Yo yo!
A Penan's life for me.
We jump from a tree,
We hunt and we hike,
No worries me love,yo ho.
We take our own time,
To move and to rhyme,
No worries me love,yo ho.

Yo ho! Yo ho!
A Penan's life for me.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just some random updates...

Back from Lg Lamai for almost a whole week now and yet the things we did and shared together with oursleves and the people in there are still fresh in my mind.Ah yes..The laidbackness of waiting for things to happen,the scrumptousness of the food,the innocent and thrilled faces of the kids....etc.etc.And in a few days,I'll be off to KL again for college camp.Anyway, just some words of thanks to all you people whom has remembered me in your prayers while I was in the middle of somewhere.Thanks to your prayers nothing serious but life-threatening happened....TWICE!!!What!?You might ask.But all shall be revealed in due time.I ask that you be patient and continue to wait.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Return of the Sheep!!!

Haiz..So sad to be back but what can I do.No power against time.Its been a wonderful 2 weeks for my body and spirit.It has refreshed my soul and renewed my mind.Blogs on the trips will depend on how fast the pics come.But heres a summary.

A 9-hour road trip through bumpy and vomitable roads(though I slept like a baby) took u somewhere near Lg. Puak where we took a 45mins++ boat ride to Lg Lamai.Introduced to the village.Walked around seeing the sights.Fun places,Serious places,Spiritual places...etc,etc.Saw a few cute,pretty,handsome,yeng...etc,etc faces.Faces which I will never forget.After that the days were followed by mixing and mingling with the people.A 2-hour boat ride took us back out into the modern world to Lg Banga and lastly about 1-hour plane out of the jungle and permanent farewell to my newest bestest of best friends.

P.S: I'm still waiting for things to happen :)