Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ohana Forever!!!

I left my home in January,
To start on an amazing journey,
An adventure of self-discovery,
How wonderful could this be.

In my journey I met some friends,
22 to be exact,
To one another each an alien,
But this be not for long.

As each day came,
Our friendship bloomed,
Watered and fertilised by love and care,
It bloomed and into a forest it grew.

Fun times we had,
Troubled time we shared,
A blessing we were to each other,
The memories cherished forever.

Sadly our journey came to an end,
And I finally understand,
What it means to love without end,
It broke my heart of rock to sand.

And as we said our goodbyes and farewells,
Our ohana will not die,
For in our hearts we are always together,
Forever and ever for as long as we can remember.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Its now been 3 weeks since i saw any of my JS buddies.Really miss them all.Hope to see them real soon.Everytime I wash dishes,eat go toilet doing big or small business or just to bathe I'll immediattely be reminded of the many excitements, fun and interestingness of JS and my buddies.Even when I'm talking to my friends I'll think of my buddies.I would think "If Chia Ching were here...." or "In JS it would be like this..." or " If only my JS buddies could be here...".But sadly our reunion could not go as planned.Sorry ya guys theres still next time or the YLDP.I heard its gonna be 6 days.So lets turn the whole camp upside-down!!!I miss all the imes we had together.Playing dodgeball,captainball or basketball or siting in the U-shape in the hall listening to sessions even sleeping with you guys.Everyday and everything was an adventure.Everything was pure fun,excitement and adventure.Even in the toilet bathing still got talking,singing and stuff.hehe.You guys were really an 'ohana'.And BEST OF ALL your MY 'OHANA'.Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind or FORGOTTEN!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008


I won' t say that I'm happy with my results nor will I say that I'm unhappy.Kinda in between.Don't really know how to put it in words but I guess you understand.If not,keep trying to figure it out.But anyway I'm going off to form 6 then I'll decide my future courses based on my STPM.Anyway cheers to Wen Dee and the others for your results.Praise GOD.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Friends are wonderful,
Friends are amazing,
They are like fuel,
Which keeps you going.
Friends are like your shadow,
Thats just stuck on you,
Always with you where ever you go,
And will never leave you.
Friends are like ice-cream cones,
Holding you up,
Friendship as strongs as bones,
That will never break-up.
Friends are like an extra pair of hands,
Always there when you need help,
So make lots of friends,
Before your time here is up.
To all my friends out there thanks for being a part of my life.GOD bless you.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Hey guys,I've been thinking bout our reunion and since Doreen and Addison's church having their youth camp on the May/June hols,why don't we join them as well and reunite at their camp??How bout it.
Oh ya,just to let you guys know,my church is having a concert with Juwita Suwito on the 29 March so if u guys can come it'l be great.Though I'm not sure if need to pay anot.Will let you guys know when I know.Hope to see ya guys.Cheers!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


In moments like this,
I sing out a song,
I sing out a love song to Jesus.

In moments like this,
I like sing out a song,
I sing out a love son to You.

Singing I love You,LORD,
Singing I love You LORD,
Singing I love You,LORD,
LORD, I love You.

This is 1 of my most favourite songs.I always sing it when i get emo.Sorta calms me down abit.Sometimes I change de words e.g love to praise,singing to saying and so on(depending on what I'm feeling).But bottom line is it helps to clear my head and make me think more clearly.It also allows me or pushes me to do certain things that I should do and keeps on reminding me that GOD is in control no matter what.So i just wanna share his to all me dudes and dudettes out there.Whenever your feeling down,nervous,anxious or whatever even if your happy,THIS SONG MAKES WONDERS for me and I hope it does the same to you.



Wondering wad Ooosstt!!! means???Its a long story but I've got lots of place to write so i'll tell u anyway.hehe.Ready??Here goes....If I'm no mistaken it got started on the second day of our 'evangelising' but actually the first day already had just that it had no catchphrase yet.Evrybosy was just saying "tak tau malu" so I felt it was kinda boring den I added de Ooosstt!!! behind.I guess it just got stuck.So now its OOOSSTT!!!But enough of that now its not an interesting story anyway(so short I say so long.hehe).So listen to this,

Afraid we were,
To speak to a stanger,
But still it must be done,
A word to those who needs a courage boost,
Just believe and say Ooosstt!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Its almost 2 weeks already since JS ended.Time sure flies fast.At first,we were all newbies at camp.Not knowing who was who and what was what except those that we had already met.Then,after getting to know 1 another and learning more about each other,we progressed to living with 1 another.It was ok for me mostly cause I liked eveyone and nobody had yet to give me a reason to explode but as we continued to live together some of my mates were starting to bug me.But,by God's grace,I held on and remained calm.Sadly by the end of the first 4 weeks sparks had already flew and I was on the verge of whacking a few heads.Thankfully,Koko Bert did a great thing and a good decision and that really helped me to let go of the anger I had.But as we said our goodbyes in Ampang I realised that those feelings were actually quite pointless and stupid as I reflected on the fun times we shared together.Those sweet memories are what makes life interesting and filled wih adventure and fun.It kinda gives meaning to life.And now as I look back at the remaining 2 weeks of JS I realised that this time I did not get angry but just a little frustrated at times.It really was AN ADVENTURE TO LIVE as we went out to 'evangelise' to people.And remembering the sketch,I had A BATTLE TO FIGHTas I 'fought' with my buddie Chia Ching.And I also had A BEAUTY TO RESCUE when we were at the Batu Berangkai Waterfall and I had to 'rescue' poor Anitha's bottle(It was kinda fun chasing after a bottle down a waterfall.hehe)So I guess,and a note to Andrew(hon-hon) I AM A MAN THAT IS WILD AT HEART!!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Today i did some sort of 'spring-cleaning' of my room and i came across the old files of our precious YLDP and Yq camps.Immediately all those memories of the camps came to me.If u guys are wondering i was in Yosia in Yq.I took them out and went through the name lists.Turns out,if i'm not mistaken, only me,Enwei and Wen Dee were in he same level except level 3 which Wen Dee did'nt go.Boo!! sama dia.hehe.Anyway,those camps thought me a lot of things that i will never ever forget.JS has also thought me very wonderful things bout life and love.

Words begin with A,B,C,
Numbers begin with 1,2,3,
Music begins with do,re,mi,
But FRIENDSHIP begins with you and me.

Lots of love to all my JS buddies.

Cheers from Baa!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


wadup ya'll.its the one n only Shaun the SheepZ.Baa!!!guess i also kena de blog craze.another ting js tot me.hehe.funny la.its kinda like tokin to urself xcept dat evrybody can see it.cool..anyway, its gonna be pretty fun,i tink,doing dis blogging thingy.bu still a newbie at dis so all ya HOMOsapiens gotta teach me.